Life and Growth of the Bombay Province

The bifurcation of the Maharashtra / Gujarat Province on 8th December 2002 from the Central Province set the pathway for intensification of the SRA work within the Province that intended at empowerment of the underprivileged and marginalized groups. During the 9th Ordinary General chapter 2012 while renaming of the provinces Maharashtra Gujarat province was named as Bombay Province.

Our initial functioning as a province was headed from a small flat at Bandra and we have now our Provincialate house in Uttan, Bhayander. Presently there are twenty one established Communities in the Province most of which are mainly situated in rural areas of 6 dioceses of Maharashtra and Gujarat states. We owe the strength and success of our work to the Lord who uses our team of One Hundred and forty one resourceful and committed Sisters as HIS instruments.



Sr. Surekha Gomes - March-24

Sr. Avita D'mello - March-30

Sr. Sandra Machado - April-15

Sr. Rexilla Badikhadya - April-16

Sr. Carmella Miranda - April-17

Sr. Shashikala Badikhadya - April-19

Sr. Erica Lobo - April-20

Sr. Vandana Gonsalves - April-26

Sr. Blasie Lobo - April-26

Sr. Vanita Gabru - May-05

Sr. Edelwalda Thycherry - May-08

Sr. Roshni Manaji - May-08

Sr. Hermenegild Lakara - May-11

Sr. Sweta Thalakulam - May-12

Sr. Roshni Tiwari - May-14