Establishment of Lucknow Province

Lucknow was bifurcated from Varanasi Province and was officially inaugurated on 7th October, 2005. At present we have 62 sisters residing in 14 communities located in the states of Uttarakhand, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. We render our services in 4 dioceses namely Lucknow, Delhi, Gorakhpur and Bareilly.

The missionary zeal and enthusiasm, struggles and sufferings of our pioneers have borne fruit and today we are able to reach out to many people irrespective of caste, creed and colour through various ministries.

We give expression to this ministry through

  • Evangelization
  • Special Education
  • Health
  • Family Apostolate
  • Education
  • Empowerment of Women
  • Social Development
  • Educational downtrodden
  • Al-Anon

Pastoral Ministry

  • Family Visit and Faith instruction
  • Conducting Prayer service in the families.
  • Sharing the Word of God
  • Encouraging the lapsed Christians to return to the Church

Jeevandeep Charitable Trust (JCT)




Sr. Jissa joseph Joseph - March-22

Sr. Meera jojo sra Jojo - April-06

Sr. Sonia sra Joseph - April-09

Sr. Nidhi xaxa sra Xaxa - April-14

Sr. Cleta sra Ekka - April-18

Sr. Vineeta varkey sra Varkey - April-26

Sr. Cecily sra Thomas - April-26

Sr. Sr. m. poonam sra Bhushan - May-01

Sr. Poonam bhushan sra Bhushan - May-01

Sr. Sheetal sra John - May-02

Sr. Vianney Kispotta - May-06

Sr. Sandhya sra Lakara - May-09

Sr. Pramila cornelio Cornelio - May-15